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SOLD Irish Bog Oak Cheese Knife SOLD

Saturday, September 26th, 2020
Irish Bog Oak Cheese Knife

Cheese Knife with Irish Bog Oak Handle Stainless Steel Blade and fittings all in a nice wooden box. turned out very nicely!

SOLD Price €113 (including €13.00 registered post)SOLD

Bog Oak is very very Old Oak Wood that is dug up from the bog often during turf (peat) cutting which makes the wood at least 1000 years old from the time Ireland was covered in Oak Forest.

For Sale Letter Opener 11cm Damas Steel Blade

Saturday, August 22nd, 2020
Lovely little letter opener
lovely little letter opener

Letter Opener with 11cm Damas Steel Blade Mokume fittings Briar Root Handle (lovely grain) with Mammoth Tusk spacer all in a nice wooden box

Price €200 including €14.00 Registered Post

For Sale All Hands Sailors Rigging Kit €194.00

Friday, July 31st, 2020
All Hands Sailors Rigging Kit
All Hands Sailors Rigging Kit

All Hands Sailors Rigging Kit water proofed heavy duty  leather sheath braided nylon stitched solid copper rivets brass popper, break away belt loop. Composite handle with integral guard and finger groove so you can tell where the cutting edge is in poor conditions. Solid brass fastenings and Lanyard Hole. Sharp Blade 2mm thick stainless steel flat ground and controlled atmosphere hardened traditional point. Stainless steel marlin spike with integral shackle spanner and whipping groove . Combination Knipex pliers  insulated grip held in place with safety strap

Turned out Nice Good Job !

Cost €194 including (€19.00 registered post)

Stout Oyster Knife €83.00

Tuesday, July 7th, 2020

Stout Oyster Knife handle of 1000 year old Irish Bog Oak with cream Coloured Corian stainless steel fittings to resemble a traditional Irish Pint of Guinness all in a nice wooden box

Price €83.00 including €13.00 Registered post

SOLD Long Butter Knife and Dish Green Laminate Handle €96.00 SOLD

Saturday, June 13th, 2020
Long Butter Green Laminate +Dish
Long Butter Green Laminate +Dish

Hand Made Long Butter Knife with Green Laminate Handle Stainless fittings €52.00. Paired with West Cork Hand Made Butter Dish By Helen Ennis Dunbeacon Pottery €24.00 lovely an simple !

SOLD Price €96.00 (including€20.00 registered post)SOLD