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Deep Water Rigging Kit €350

Thursday, November 3rd, 2016
Deep Water Rigging Kit

Deep Water Rigging Kit

Deep Water Rigging Kit

Deep Water Rigging Kit


Deep Water Rigging Kit €350

Water proof heavy duty 4mm leather sheath pockets for pliers and marlin spike  saddle stitch braided nylon  with stainless steel and copper reinforcing rivets at high stress points

CPMS30V full tang flat ground knife Stainless steel  Blade 60 hrc

Lignum vitae Handle with three stainless steel bolts silver soldered stainless steel bolster stainless  steel lined lanyard hole 

Stainless steel combination pliers with plastic covered grip

 Forged Stainless Steel Marlin Spike with shackle spanner and whipping groove

Knife Care

Saturday, March 28th, 2009

KNIFE CARE      It is always a good idea to look after your knives.  If you paid good money for it, it should outlast you.

1)  Have your name and phone number etched on the blade, so that it can be easily identified if it falls into the wrong hands.  Most of my knives have a serial number which I record.

2) Keep your knife out of the sheath and somewhere dry, preferably hanging up.  The reason for keeping it out of the sheath or scabbard is that the leather often contains residue of tannic acid, which can rust the blade.

3) Keep a good edge on it,

4) After use always clean it under the tap using any washing- up liquid.   Dry and if the blade is carbon steel and oil it lightly with vegetable oil.  It is better not to immerse knives, apart from diving knives, in water for any length of time.

5) Kitchen knives should never be put in the dishwasher.  The heat can damage the cutting edge the glue and the handle material it self.   Keep them in a knife block.  Storing them in a drawer spoils the edge and can result in cut fingers if you are in a hurry. 

Kitchen Knives

Wednesday, August 27th, 2008


Try to buy the best you can afford this generally means going for a brand name particularly if you are going to buy a set of knives

I think three knives are central, one for veg get a big one if you don’t like the look of big knives  go smaller and narrower.

Something for dealing with raw meat boning type also can be used for carving poultry if it is long enough

Small veg or peeler this will see a lot of use so get one you like I like one with a point more versatile and even if the knife is a bit blunt the point will always cut

Forged knives tend to be more expensive but usually wear well and should last a life time